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Harvey Oyer Park

[if-sql-param1093 image] Harvey Oyer Park [/if-sql-param1092] Right along US 1 (Just south of Gateway Blvd) in Boynton Beach you'll find the boat ramp that changes names more than a con man. Formerly the Boynton Beach Boat Club Park and also sometimes the Boynton Inlet Boat Club Park is the now-named Harvey Oyer Park. The park has four ramps with a six trailer capacity. It also houses a Coast Guard Auxiliary. A bait and tackle shop is available to fishermen (and fisherwomen!). There is a picnic area and playground and also a fishing pier. Parking is provided for 58 vehicles with trailers on-site and 60 more off-site. There are additional non-trailer parking spaces for picnickers. There is a $10 ramp fee, an annual pass is available for $50.

The Harvey Oyer Park boat ramp is on the intracoastal waterway, exactly opposite the South Lake Worth Inlet (commonly called the Boynton Beach Inlet). There are four courtesy docks but few skippers in South Florida seem to understand what those are for, so expect to witness a major circus show as the weekend load during the summer is unbelievable. Also, if you are not familiar with the inlet itself, it is essentially a concrete chute with a fixed-span bridge overhead and it is not intended for navigation.

This is one of the largest boat ramp facilities in Palm Beach County.
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Price range: $10.00-$50.00 per person
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