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Currie Park

[if-sql-param576 image] Currie Park [/if-sql-param575] Named after George Graham Currie, former mayor of West Palm Beach, Currie Park is located along the Intracoastal Waterway in central Palm Beach County. The park offers several sporting opportunities, including boat ramps and tennis courts, along with a playground for kids and a maritime museum. There are two two-lane ramps and two single-lane ramps; beware the soutmost ramp - it is seriously cracked in several places - launching can be bumpy, and removing the boat from the water is difficult, as it's hard to get the trailer up over the cracks. There's plenty of parking - 70 spaces for trailers - and sometimes even a local to assist with launching and trailering. The fishing pier is a popular place for...your guessed it, fishing. There is also open grassy area for lounging or picnicking, and a Martin Luther King, Jr. memorial.
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