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Loblolly Woods Nature Park

[if-sql-param268 image] Loblolly Woods Nature Park [/if-sql-param267] During a recent trip to Gainesville my husband and I, scouting out trails to ride our bikes and in search of the Hogtown Creek Greenway, stopped at Loblolly Woods Nature Park. When I say "stopped at", I do mean "searched for the entrance forever and finally found it like 45 minutes later" (I think we had the wrong address or something), but it was definitely worth the effort!

I've been fascinated by creeks and streams since my childhood in Western Pennsylvania, where playing in the woods often included encounters with small waterways, and I was always so excited to stumble upon them. Loblolly Woods is apparently best known as the place where the Hogtown and Possum Creeks meet, a picture-perfect spot that we missed, as we visited a different section of the park. However, we did see one of the creeks (Hogtown, I think) and it was fabulous. Kids and parents waded in the crystal-clear waters. Dogs frolicked on the shores as we walked along the banks. Even though it was Memorial Day Weekend, the area wasn't too crowded. The whole park is shaded with oaks and other tall trees, and the paths were popular with runners.

Loblolly Woods Nature Park is indeed part of the Hogtown Greenway, as well as part of the Gainesville Trail Network. There are trails for hiking and biking (there were a LOT of roots, though) , and the boardwalk is wheelchair-accessible. Restrooms are provided at the 5th Ave. entrance. The park is open from dawn til dusk, and there is no entry fee.
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