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Zoo Miami (formerly MetroZoo)

Zoo Miami (formerly MetroZoo) October 2010 Update: I can't believe it had been nearly seven years since I'd been to MetroZoo (now called Zoo Miami)! So much has changed, and it all seems for the good. First off, when we arrived, we noticed that they now rent Safari Cycles (multi-person bikes/surreys) - we rented a 2-person one for the whole day at $50, and it's a darn good thing - the monorail was closed that day, and there's no way we'd have seen everything we did just on foot!

New exhibits have been added, primarily the Amazon area, including the expansive Cloud Forest, the beautiful Amazon River and Flooded Forests, and the Atlantic Forest.

The entry fee is higher now than just after Hurricane Andrew - $15.95 per person - but there are discounts for seniors, children, and large groups of ten or more.

I don't know if it was the time of year or time of day, but sadly, the otters were sleeping. I was disappointed, but I know I'll be back again.

This zoo continues to amaze me, and it is a MUST-SEE for anyone visiting South Florida. And the Safari Cycles...we've been planning to go back just to ride one!

Oh - a side note - they have veggie (vegetarian) burgers at the Garden Grille, and mine was quite good as far as park fare goes! I had to wait, as they don't prepare them ahead of time, but isn't fresh food worth a little time?

Otiginal Article: Even just approaching the entrance, you know this zoo is going to be something special. Devastated by Hurricane Andrew in 1992, the zoo has recovered to provide an amazing glimpse into other lands. A giant waterfall greets you at the entrance, and a large koi pond lies just inside. Next is your choice. Try the Austrailian-themed exhibits, with koalas, warthogs, and the wallaby, or take the other direction and hit the Asia section with its elephants, rhinos, and bears. At the middle is Africa, featuring zebra, giraffes, gorillas, and gazelle. A kid's fun center gives children an up-close, hands-on view of animals, and they can even take a ride on an elephant! Most of the animals are displayed in natural-style habitat exhibits rather than confining cages. My own favorite exhibit (and a favorite of children as well) is the small-clawed Asian otters - I can watch them frolick for hours! I also particularly enjoy the Cape Hunter Dogs, as I don't find those too often! In the Australia section you can see the unique Rainbow Eucalyptus trees with their multi-colored trunks - definitely worth a picture or two! The rebuilt aviary is also a must-see. Bring your walking shoes, because to have the full experience everything requires quite a hike, but if you get too tired, the monorail will take you back to the beginning. Admission is $11.50, with discounts for seniors and children. Strollers and wheelchairs are available for rental. The zoo is open every day, 365 days of the year!

Approximate price: $15.95 per person


12400 SW 152nd St
Miami FL 33177
290 acres

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