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Riverland Woods Park

[if-sql-param312 image] Riverland Woods Park [/if-sql-param311] Riverland Woods Park has a small kiddie playground but we are here today to discuss the BOAT RAMPS!

Riverland Woods has a two lane gravel ramp and parking for six or so trailers (I actually forgot exactly how many). The ramps have adjacent docks and there is also courtesy docking. When we were there, the easternmost side had a nifty rise towards the edge where the gravel had shifted, this made loading a real pain. The ramp seems pretty steep, or at least that was our perception when the Cherokee tires spun out on the softball-sized "gravel".

This ramp is a zillion hours from anywhere. The 3 or 4 mile trip to the Intracoastal Waterway is at slow and idle the entire length. If you just want to sightsee, however, this isn't a bad launching spot. If you head northeast, you cruise up the New River, right through downtown Ft Lauderdale. Although far more exciting than downtown Ft Lauderdale, for us, is the fact that you drive your boat over US1 at one unmarked point during this trip. How often does one get to motor one's boat OVER a road? Not too often!

The other available trip that might originate from the Riverland Woods Park travels up the Dania Cutoff Canal, which is kind of neat in the parts where it cuts deeply through the coquina rock. You can also stop and picnic at Boaters' Park and probably have the entire park to yourself, complete with sparkling-clean restrooms and numerous covered pavilions. The draft for this leg of the trip can get really shallow, as low as 4 feet. It's also really, really easy to miss the turn at Pipewelders Marine, as the area underneath the bridge is some sort of boat junkyard.

In all, we recommend this ramp if you have a smaller boat (under 21'), it's cool out, and you just want to cruise. We also see a lot of people fishing the Dania Cutoff Canal, but not much catching.
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