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E.G. Sewell Memorial Park

E.G. Sewell Memorial Park We'd seen Sewell Park once while boating on the Miami River, and later found an online reference to caves near here, and the caves are why we visited. The park sort of has an upper section, with a playground and trees and benches, and a lower waterfront area, with more trees and grassy areas perfect for picnicking or just lounging. There's also a kayak/canoe launch at the park, and there was a manatee swimming there, just a couple days before manatee season hits on November 1st - I bet this area is swarming with them during winter!

We searched Sewell Park for the caves, but couldn't find any evidence of them, and assumed they were within the huge, strangely fenced-off area of the park. On a whim, we crossed the road to the other side of the bridge aside the park, and Viola! - there along the water was the gated entrance to the cave, with a sign warning trespassers to not enter the Miccosukee property. Well, at least it was really there!

Sewell Park was named Best Waterfront Park in 1999 by the Miami New Times, who wrote a short but most descriptive article. Yeah, it was over 10 years ago, but it still summarizes this park perfectly - check it out here.


1801 NW S River Dr
Miami FL 33125
10 acres

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