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WP Franklin Lock Recreation Area (South)

[if-sql-param699 image] WP Franklin Lock Recreation Area (South) [/if-sql-param698] WP Franklin Lock Recreation Area sits astride the Caloosahatchee River in Alva. The park is divided north and south sections by the Caloosahatchee River, and we've only been to the south side.

Our primary reason for visiting this area was to launch our boat (our last trip on our 1969 Hewes Tarpon!). The trip took us on a pleasant ride west on the Caloosahatchee through Ft. Meyers and almost to the Gulf, but we ran out of time. Pulling out was something of a pain, but only because it was apparently the time when EVERYBODY pulls out, the spaces at the courtesy dock were taken, and I had driven the boat maybe four times before, and had NEVER tried to keep it in one place while awaiting the tow vehicle. Aside from my own panic, it's a fine ramp for anyone more experienced than I! There are about 25 official trailer parking spaces.

There's also a children's playground, a sandy roped-off swimming area, bathrooms, and picnic areas, as well as a visitor's center. Restrooms are also provided.
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[if-sql-param695 address1] 1660 S Franklin Lock Rd
[/if-sql-param694] [if-sql-param694 address2]
[/if-sql-param693] Alva FL 33920
[if-sql-param693 phone] 239-694-8770
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