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Amigos Mex Spanish Restaurant II

Having grown tired of the local chain options for dinner, my husband and I browsed Google Maps for someplace new to try. We decided on Amigos - not exactly new, but we'd not been there since it was Maya Azteca. Normally when we want Mexican we go to Aleyda's, but again, we were in the mood for something different.

The space itself hasn't changed much, except that it looks a little cleaner without the colorful paper...decorative things?...hanging all over. We were seated quickly, and our drink order was taken. We were presented with tortilla chips accompanied by three condiments: a mild salsa, a hot salsa, and a bean dip. All three were tasty, but the chips weren't up to par with average Mexican restaurant chips - they were thick and had an air of grocery store tortilla chips about them. Our margaritas were good, and fairly strong. I ordered my usual, the vegetable fajitas, and my husband got a shredded beef chimichanga.

Our food came out pretty quickly, and while I was open-minded to what had been placed before me, I ended up quite disappointed. Normally the vegetable fajitas have onions, peppers, mushrooms, broccoli, and cauliflower; my plate at Amigos was very different. There were no mushrooms (that's fine - I hate mushrooms), but I think they accidentally bought the Chinese stir-fry pack - along with the onions, peppers, and broccoli were carrots, celery, and pea pods. Pea pods? Really? Also, while the vegetables looked very fresh, they also looked (and tasted) like they'd been quickly blanched and thrown on the hot pan for sizzle effect. No seasoning at all whatsoever. And all crunchy.

My husband's chimichanga was substandard as well.

We never saw our waitress again during our meal, which might have been helped by an additional margarita...or three. The waitress at the table next to us was very attentive to her customers, so I guess we just drew the short straw on that one.

I don't know. It's pretty hard to mess up Mexican food, but next time I don't feel like driving to Aleyda's, I'll just hit up Tequilla Cancun.


1771 S Congress Ave
Palm Springs FL 33406

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