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Bryant Park

Update 1/10

Like nearly all Palm Beach County boat ramps, Bryant Park now has a $10 trailer parking fee. This is not a county ramp, however, so the county annual permit is not valid at Bryant Park. Lake Worth residents can get a $50 annual permit.

Update 6/08

Miracle of miracles, the docks have been repaired! Every upright has been replaced, and the loose deck boards have been, too! This ramp is once again a pleasure to launch from.


Bryant Park is located on the water of the Intracoastal in Lake Worth. This park houses a band shell and stage with seating for over 100 spectators, a castle-themed playground, and horseshoe pits (some of which are always in use when I go there - I had no idea horseshoes was such a popular activity!). There's a 12-station heart trail, too, and there are great places to sit and watch the water. Restrooms are located at the bandshell. Throughout the year Bryant Park hosts a number of Lake Worth events, from plant shows to Earth Day festivities, to the Pride Festival. Bryant Park also has a really nice fishing pier / observation area complete with a covered deck and little steps that take you down closer to the water. It's one of the more aesthetically pleasing piers in South Florida. We do see people fishing off of it, although it is unknown whether this is officially allowed nor do we know if anything is caught with any regularity.

The park has two two-lane boat ramps with docks. The docks were last renovated in May 2008 and are in excellent condition.

There's parking for about 30 trailers on-site, and a lot with 16 more spaces just on the other side of the main lot. If the lots are full, just leave and go somewhere else because there are no parking spaces anywhere else for miles, aside from those 46 spaces. We use this ramp heavily (nearly every other weekend) and have only found it full two or three times. This ramp is very low-key, I've never seen a temper flare here even when a novice boater might take a bit longer than usual to land his boat. That alone makes it one of my favorite ramps and makes for a stress free boating experience from start to finish.


S Golfview Ave and Lake Ave
Lake Worth FL

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