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Centennial Park

Centennial Park Centennial Park sits along the Calossahatchee River in historic downtown Ft. Myers. The park has been called "old-fashioned", in a good way, with a long pathway running along the river and lots of seating. The park also includes a handicapped-accessible playground, picnic pavilions, volleyball courts, a fishing pier, and the reason we visited - a boat ramp.

This is a two-lane boat ramp. There's parking for 15-20 trailers in the main lot, and another 15-20 in an adjacent lot. This ramp gives you access to the Caloosahatchee River as far east as the WP Franklin lock, and west in to the Gulf of Mexico, though not directly - do your research, I hear it's tough to navigate around all of the islands to get to the Gulf!


2000 Edwards Dr
Ft Meyers FL 33901
10 acres

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