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China Uno

When my favorite local Chinese restaurant in Greenacres City closed, I gave China Uno a try. It's located in what was a sit-down (and run-down) Chinese eatery, but now it has the look of a mall food court stop, which really turned me off; HOWEVER, the food is definitely better than the presentation! Everything is cooked to order, and not scooped out of water-warmed holding containers as I had feared. My vegetable fried rice was very good, and my companion said his egg drop soup was actually better than at China Panda (our previous favorite)! While I was waiting (I hadn't called ahead for my take-out order), several more customers ordered, and each had a specific alteration from the menu of each item, like "no carrots, extra onions" or even "no vegetables", and the staff was more than happy to comply. The staff was incredibly friendly and efficient. The sparse dining area would probably prevent me from eating "in", but the food was definitely better than I had anticipated. Don't be afraid to give it a shot!

Price range: $6.00-$25.00 per person


Forest Hill Blvd & Jog Rd
Trafalgar Square (SE corner)
West Palm Beach FL

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