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The Pomp

Welcome to CityPlace, West Palm Beach's center of shopping, dining, nightlife, and culture! CityPlace offers a wide variety of options, from shopping for clothes or furniture, dining at a fine restaurants, to seeing a movie or a classical concert. The outdoor mall encompasses several city blocks, and is flanked by a great number of of shopping and entertainment establishments not in CityPlace proper. Once a blighted section of Downtown, CityPlace now sparkles like a gem along the Atlantic.

Stores run on both sides of Rosemary Avenue. Brand name clothing stores (like Gap and Kenneth Cole), as well as local, privately owned apparel shops (like Rhythm) line the street. Furniture and housewares are available at other stores (Restoration Hardware and Anthropologie among them), and books and magazines are found at the south end.

Dining can be enjoyed throughout the complex, from casual eateries like Cheeburger Cheeburger, to ice cream shops, to higher-scale restaurants like Mark's and City Cellar. Many of the restaurants have full bars and a full nightlife, and there's even an outdoor bar on the second floor overlooking the main courtyard.

The main courtyard features a beautiful water fountain, with spraying jets synchronized with broadcast music. The courtyard hosts a plethora of musical and cultural events, some weekly and others one-time.

The Harriet Himmel Gilman Theater stands in what what was previously a church, and offers a year-round selection of music, dance and theater, and is avaiable for special events. A 20-screen movie theater (icluding a premier theater with a lounge and bar) is also located at CityPlace.

While exploring CityPlace, don't be afraid to travel a block or two outside the "official" boundaries - some great stores, clubs, and restaurants can be found just beyond!

Admittance is free, but there is a fee to park in the parking garage, and street-side parking can be scarce.

The Reality

If you are not creative or connected enough to find a real place to eat, shop, or party, (or if you consider Cheesecake Factory to be five-star dining) you just might find yourself at the cleverly-named Cityplace. We can't tell you exactly what you might find there as it's impossible to keep track of which businesses have pulled out of Cityplace after any given season. Be sure to bring your pepper spray, as Cityplace is built on the ruins of "crack town" and... well, if you've ever seen "Poltergeist", you will have a good idea of what happens in these situations. The confusing "mall" "layout" is best handled by not leaving Cityplace's center area, lest you find yourself unknowingly leaving Cityplace and entering the Nether Realm. Watch for a decline in the amount of faux Mediterranean architecture as an alert.

There are a couple of very good restaurants here (one is Mark's, which we highly recommend) and also a couple of good boutique stores. But these are best considered as a destination of their own. The concept of "Cityplace" as some sort of place-to-be just doesn't work for us (or anyone else, seemingly).


700 S Rosemary Ave
West Palm Beach FL 33401

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