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Gardens of Crandon Park

Gardens of Crandon Park Crandon Gardens is located at the south end of Crandon Park in Miami. It's not really so much a garden in the style of other local botanic gardens, but more like plants that were left over when the zoo moved out, and other plants that moved in. The reason this park was so interesting to me is its heritage and the remnants of it.

Crandon Gardens was once the home of the Miami Zoo, before it became MetroZoo and moved in 1980 to a large property way out west. When the zoo vacated, it left behind the cages and ponds that housed the zoo's animals, many (if not most) of which remain mostly intact. It's kind of creepy, all of the tiny empty cages, but very interesting to walk through. The area was left to nature for years until the Gardens of Crandon Park Foundation formed to turn the Gardens into what they now are.

The Gardens are touted as a grand waterfowl community, and I can't argue with that - we saw hundreds of birds, including peacocks and one VERY loud Sandhill Crane. Many reports tell of a massive iguana population that grew from iguanas left behind by the zoo, but I didn't see a single iguana while we were here - maybe they were killed off in this past winter's prolonged chill?

There is no admission fee, and the Gardens are open from 8AM to sunset every day.


4000 Crandon Blvd
Crandon Park
Miami FL 33149
30 acres

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