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Doc's Diner

[if-sql-param1183 image] Doc's Diner [/if-sql-param1182] Skip the Key Largo Waffle House - head another mile or so down the road to Doc's Diner. Doc's Diner is where the locals go for great food. At what was formerly a local institution, Ganim's Kountry Kitchen, local legend Dr. James "Doc" Boilini serves up the best casual cuisine in the Upper Keys. The rice ball appetizer is amazing, and the bread pudding is the best you'll ever taste. I've dined with Dr. Boilini and his family several times, and every time it's been a treat, whether with an intimate gathering of friends, or at the local Oktoberfest Italian food booth. You're sure to have a great casual culinary experience at Doc's Diner!
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[if-sql-param1179 address1] 99696 Overseas Hwy
[/if-sql-param1178] [if-sql-param1178 address2]
[/if-sql-param1177] Key Largo FL 33037
[if-sql-param1177 phone] 305-451-2895
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