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Eden House

When my boyfriend and I arrived last in our group for a corporate-sponsored vacation in Key West, we were at first disappointed to be forced to another hotel due to several rooms at the appointed one being closed. However, it turned out to be a blessing - not only did we end up with our own room, but Eden House far outranked the other place, particularly in atmosphere.

The Eden House grounds are sprawling compared to most Old Towne accommodations. Lavishly landscaped, we enjoyed simply sitting on the balcony facing the trees! I could have easily spent a week here, swimming in the heated pool or lounging in the jacuzzi, sunning on the sundeck, or resting and reading in one of the many hammocks. There's another nice sitting area with rocking chairs upstairs facing the road, great for people-watching. I can't express how amazing the atmosphere of this place was, very quaint, yet so detailed and varied.

The hotel itself is in several different buildings, each holding rooms of various sizes. We didn't get to tour the other rooms, and ours was the bargain room, but it was more than adequate. Be warned - the room was TINY, barely big enough to fit the queen-sized bed and enormous entertainment center. But it was perfect for us, since the only time we planned to spend in the room was to be spent sleeping! We were in the last room on the second floor of the main house, so we didn't have to share a bathroom. The view from our windows was all trees - beautiful! (If you're not into tiny rooms, larger ones are available in the other buildings, including "apartments", "lofts", and "conch houses".) Another thing - the room was *immaculate*, as was the bathroom. And the grounds. Everything here really was perfect, and the staff was crazy friendly!

For lunch the second day, I walked to a nearby shop for subs. On our last night, we rented bikes at the front desk, and spent the evening pedaling about the island. We stopped at Finnegan's Wake, an Irish pub frequented mostly by locals, and definitely worth a visit.

Eden House is within walking/biking distance of Duval Street, although we did frequently use cabs when we needed to get somewhere, like to the corporate-sponsored dinner, in a hurry.

I'm sure I haven't done Eden House justice with my description. If you're used to the Hilton or Marriot, you might be disappointed, but for a real taste of the laid-back Key West life, this should be your place - they don't even have alarm clocks in the rooms, on purpose!

Rooms range from $90 to $380 per night depending on the room size and season, with higher rates for some events like Fantasy Fest. Chilled drinks (including beer) are offered at check in. Most of the rooms have TVs and refrigerators, and some have microwaves.

Price range: $90.00-$380.00 per person


1015 Fleming St
Key West FL 33404

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