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Finnegan's Wake Irish Pub & Eatery

[if-sql-param598 image] Finnegan's Wake Irish Pub & Eatery [/if-sql-param597] After missing a corporate-sponsored dinner during a corporate-sponsored vacation in Key West, my companion and I rented bicycles at our hotel and pedaled over to Finnegan's Wake. We had both been to Key West before, but were looking for something a little less touristy, someplace off the beaten Duval Street path. Neither of us had ever been to an Irish pub, and it sounded appealing.

The pub is quite inviting, cozy and quaint, frequented by locals, but with plenty of seating. It was a little darker than I might have preferred, but it is probably the norm for such a place. We sat at a high table with a crazy spinning condiment tray built into (and above) the tabletop. We ordered drinks from the full bar, and then perused the menu. As a vegetarian, it's hard for me to find anything other than appetizers at most restaurants, but I was pleasantly surprised here - there were actually more than two choices. (I didn't know it at the time, but they offer a vegetarian menu!) My companion honed in on the shepherd's pie, while I chose the Irish nachos.

My "nachos" were wonderful! If you ever wondered how to make French fries even more appealing, just add the typical topping for nachos. As for the shepherd's pie, my companion raved about it, and to this day, more than six months later, still talks about it as the best thing he's ever tasted. He's afraid to try a local pub for fear the food won't be as good!

The pub has a little "stage" area, set up for bands and karaoke. They host many events, and can be booked for private parties.
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Price range: $6.00-$30.00 per person
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[if-sql-param594 address1] 320 Grinnell St
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[if-sql-param592 phone] 305-293-0222
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