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George English Park

[if-sql-param92 image] George English Park [/if-sql-param91] George English Park offers athletic fields, a tennis center, and a playground but all we are interested in today are the boat ramps. There are two boat ramps and around 70 trailer parking spaces. We've never seen more than 20 spaces used.

The section of the Middle River that George English Park is on is a designated waterski zone. No one has waterskied since the late 70s, and the new East Sunrise Blvd bridge has a 10.25 clearance, so this ramp is not heavily used. Waterskiers excepted, this area is an idle zone pretty much all of the time, so expect a many hour trip to get anywhere. Hugh Taylor Birch State Park is nearby, but is not accessible via boat. Downtown Ft Lauderdale (New River) and Port Everglades are both about a two hour chug from here.
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