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Highlands Hammock State Park October 2010 Update: We finally went back to Highlands Hammock State Park to have a better look, and we sure weren't disappointed! We walked several of the trails, and saw dozens of armadillos, some as close at two feet from us! We also toured the Civilian Conservation Corps museum here, housed in a building built by CCC members. The restaurant here is also in such a building. The only picnic area was QUITE crowded on this late October Sunday.

Admission was a bit higher this round - I think we paid $6. The park also offers a tram tour at I think $1 per ticket, but the tickets have to be purchased at the ranger station at the entrance, making it a little difficult if you decide later you want to take the tour. Still, a fantastic park with lots to do and see!

Original Article: After one quick visit to this park, I want to go back and stay overnight! Highlands Hammock is absolutely beautiful - the trees are EVERYWHERE. We only took a spin around the driving loop and through the campgrounds, but the pictures of the hiking trails (there are nine) are stunning. The campground holds over 150 campsites, most of which have water and electrical hookups. There are also horse trails, playgrounds, and an amphitheater. The park is home to a restaurant, and also has picnic shelters and pavilions. The campsites each have a grill, and there is a community campfire circle. We visited at dusk, and saw at least 15 deer in three different groups throughout the park (one group in the amphitheater, and two at the campground), close enough to get up-close photos even from the car! There is an minimal entrance fee, $4 per vehicle with up to eight people, with larger groups paying a higher fee (a bus is $40), and the park itself is open from 8AM until sunset. The campgrounds are, obviously, open 24-hours. The Recreation Hall, perfect for meetings and parties, is available by rental. Fees for campsites and other facilities are available on the park web site.

Price range: $4.00-$40.00 per person


5931 Hammock Rd
Sebring FL 33872

Web site:

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