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Islamorada Fish Company

[if-sql-param114 image] Islamorada Fish Company [/if-sql-param113] While visiting the sporting shopper's mecca Outdoor World Bass Pro Shops recently, my companion and I decided to try out the adjoining restaurant, the Islamorada Fish Company. We lived in the Florida Keys for four years but had never eaten at the original Islamorada location. I have to be honest, the experience at the Dania location was somewhat disappointing. The wait for seating was unexpectedly long given the number of open tables. We were finally seated outside on a large deck overlooking a murky green body of water surrounding the Fishing Hall of Fame. The service was terrible - we waited nearly 45 minutes for our food (and this was lunch), while those who arrived after us were served, and getting a drink refill was difficult. Our server did apologize several times for the wait. When our food finally arrived, my companion found his fried grouper sandwich to be fairly bland, and my fettucine with cream sauce had obviously been sitting under the heat lamp for a while, and the sauce was flavorless - it could have been coated in vegetable oil and had more taste. On the good side, my garlic roll was unique, stuffed rather than sprinkled with garlic and butter, and quite tasty. The house salad was different, too, with a sort of salsa of green and red peppers that gave it just a hint of unusual flavor, and the ranch dressing was good; unfortunately, the salad came out with the meal, so I didn't have time to savor it.

Another plus is the stand inside the Outdoor World store that sells products from the restaurant, including smoked fish dips, which my companion says are outstanding. There is also a sushi bar in the restaurant, and sushi is included on the main menu. Beer, wine, and alcoholic drinks are also available.
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Price range: $7.25-$26.95 per person
[else] Approximate price: $7.25 per person
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