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Juno Dunes Natural Area

Juno Dunes Natural Area October 2011 Update:
The Florida Inland Navigation District recently completed a boat docking project here at Juno Dunes, so we motored on up to have a look. There's dock space for six boats, and a long boardwalk leading to the Natural Area. While we didn't travel any of the nature trails (it's still too hot out for us!), they are accessible from the docks. There's a small observation tower (pictured) a short walk away, and a larger one somewhere along the trails. There are picnic tables on the shore by the docks, but still no facilities, so the advice to bring water stands.

Original article:
Juno Dunes Natural Area is 576 acres of preserved Florida located in Juno Beach in northern Pam Beach County. The park features hiking trails both paved and unpaved, and is apparently high on the list of places to bird-watch in South Florida. The Sawgrass Nature Trail is 1100 feet long and, along with the 1.3 mile Scrub Oak Hiking Trail, gives visitors a view of Florida scrub and depression marsh habitats. The Sea Grape Nature trail runs over the dunes and 1800 feet through several different habitats.

Bring water - there are no facilities, and it gets pretty darn hot, especially in summer! Juno Dunes Natural Area is located north and south of Donald Ross Rd. along US 1.


Donald Ross Rd and US 1
Juno Beach FL
578 acres

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