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La Famiglia Pizzeria

La Famiglia Pizzeria has done a great job with the space they have. As a pizza place in a strip mall, I'd expected it to be somewhat drab and cheap-looking, with little to no seating; I was pleasantly surprised! The casual decor includes artwork and columns, and the restaurant is separated into two section with a low white fence, giving the front section a look something like outdoor seating (or not, since there's a big painting on the front wall wall, but it's still a neat effect). The tables are large and covered in checkered cloths, and there are probably 8-12 tables - I didn't get an accurate count. They do a lot of take out, which is what I had - a VERY large pizza, half cheese and half pepperoni and mushroom. The timing was perfect - they told me twenty minutes, and it was exactly that! The pizza was good, but with a crust a bit thicker than I've become accustomed to for a "New York Style" pizza. My companion had the pepperoni half, but wasn't thrilled with the quality of the mushrooms - I'm guessing maybe they were from a can or jar rather than fresh. They have a full menu including many appetizers, a couple soups, and several salads. Standard "choose your toppings" pizzas are accompanied by seven specialty gourmet pizzas, all of which sound delicious; pizza is available by the slice. Entrees include classic Italian chicken and veal meals, and a wide variety of tasty-sounding pasta creations - like the unusual Spaghetti with Garlic Oil and Broccoli - that make me want to go back for another taste. They also serve heroes and calzones, and offer a selection of three "homemade" desserts: Italian cheesecake, tiramisu, and cannoli. I'm definitely going to make a trip back for the dine-in experience!

This restaurant is now CLOSED.

Price range: $1.75-$17.95 per person


6848 Forest Hill Blvd
Greenacres City FL 33413
1600 square feet

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