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Legacy Trail Bike Trail

Legacy Trail Bike Trail Legacy Trail is a biking path that runs between Sarasota and Venice on Florida's west coast. It's a "Rail-Trail", built along the path of an old railroad track. It covers just over 12 miles, most of it tree-lined, and travels through several parks and across waterways, with only a few sort-of major road crossings.

We rode this path in early April of 2013. The weather was perfect: not too hot, not to cold; bright and sunny, but with plenty of tree-provided shade. The path seems popular for recreational cyclists, and also for training racers. Most riders were considerate, alerting when passing and moving to single-file when the path got crowded. There are rest stations about every mile and informative signs describing old buildings and other sights along the way. There was one bridge that was a little rough for us beginners, requiring some downshifting, but we made it to the top!

The end points of the trail are at about 1 mile south of SR 72 in Sarasota, and Venice Ave. at the train depot in Venice, with other trailheads at Culverhouse Nature Park in Sarasota, Osprey Junction in Osprey, Laurel Park in Laurel, Nokomis Community Park in Nokomis, Oscar Scherer State Park in Nokomis (love this park - camped here once), and Patriots Park in Venice. A good map of Legacy Trail can be found here.

Legacy Trail is open from 6AM until dusk every single day of the


N Seaboard Ave
Venice FL
12 miles

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