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Legion Memorial Park

My main reason for visiting Legion Park in Miami was to use the boat ramp. It has been reported to be slippery, but my companion rated it as the LEAST slippery ramp we've used in South Florida. It's wide enough for two boats, but only has one dock, on the north side. There is parking for maybe ten trailers and the ramp is shallow, probably not suitable for anything that drafts more than 3 or 4 feet. We visited on a weekday, and the ramp was not busy; in fact, there were no other vehicles parked when we arrived a 1:00. The ramp launches into Biscayne Bay.

The park itself if grassy with tress, and several people were lounging in the bayside sun. We also saw several dogs (with owners) frolicking in the water. There is a tennis court and a basketball court, as well as a Vita Course.


6447 NE 7th Ave
Miami FL 33138

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