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Lion Country Safari

Lion Country Safari Lion Country Safari offers an experience completely unique to the area, and maybe even the country! Open since 1967, Lion Country Safari was America's first cageless zoo. Visitors drive their own cars through the 500-acre preserve! On the trip you'll see replicas of a variety of mainly African habitats filled with the animals which reside in those natural areas. Lions sunbathe so close you can count their teeth (a fence has been added, so tooth-counting is a little harder); giraffes curiously walk about you car and peer through the windows. Elephants, water buffalo, any number of antelope, you won't believe the vast array of animals that awaits you, and all to be seen up-close with you car windows as the only barriers. On my most recent visit, a rhinoceros traveled around my Jeep, completely blocking our path! (I did get a great picture.)

After your drive, stroll through the walk-through safari and amusement park, with more animals and hands-on exhibits and activities. Rent a paddle boat, take a narrated cruise, and ride the carousel. Interact with goats and sheep at the petting zoo, and feed the feathered Lorys from within the enclosure. The newest animal encounter exhibit is the giraffe feeding station - it is incredible! They had to have a handler present to keep the giraffe from slightly-more-than-gently nudging the visitors for a giraffe biscuit! And who knew giraffes had black tongues? (I know this because one licked me!)

Among the parks newest attractions are a children's wet play area and a ferris wheel.

Admission is $24.00 per person, with discounts available for seniors and children. Discount coupons can frequently be found at many local stores, fast food establishmentsand on the park website. Rental vehicles are available for travelers with cars unsuited to the drive-through safari. Parking is an additional $5.00.

UPDATE: (1/12/07) Late in 2006, the park shipped all of the elephants out to other locations. The cost of keeping them was apparently too high. I'm sad to see them go, but the park still has tons of other animals, and the giraffe-feeding exhibit more than makes up for the lack of elephants!

Price range: $18.00-$24.00 per person


2003 Lion Country Safari Road
Loxahatchee FL 33470

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