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Loxahatchee River Canoeing and Kayaking

After boating down the Loxahatchee River to Trapper Nelson's today, we had to put together an article on canoeing and kayaking the Loxahatchee River. We were in the '69 Hewes Tarpon, so the 40% chance of rain wasn't much of a concern for us. However, the dozens and dozens of kayaks that we passed in the rain clearly had no understanding of when to not kayak the Loxahatchee River. With the average temperature down here in the 60s with 20mph winds, this was not the time to take this trip in a human-powered vessel.

First things first: an 8 mile trip is LOOOONG for the novice kayaker! Expect to take 3-4 hours to reach Jonathan Dickinson from the outfitters on Indiantown Road. I will give today's Loxahatchee River kayakers credit - they were doing it on an outgoing tide, although I am not entirely convinced that this was due to any sort of planning on the part of the kayakers. And yes, the outfitters will put you on the river in any conditions, as the dozens of kayakers we passed at the 4 mile mark in blowing rain discovered.

The Loxahatchee River kayaking experience is probably one of the best in South Florida (taking a second place to the less-commercialized St Lucie River departing from White City Park) but a few basic things must be taken into account.

First, check the weather! If the chance of rain is 30% or higher, that means it will rain!

Second, check the tides. You really don't want to be padding against the current as you head downstream towards Jonathan Dickinson on the return trip (this means you want an outgoing tide).

Third, check your time! It rains in South Florida nearly every afternoon, around 3pm. Don't leave the Indiantown Road outfitters at noon, you will get rained on.

Some basic preparation can make your canoe or kayaking trip on the Loxahatchee River very pleasant.


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