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Maya Azteca

Open 20 years in the same location, Maya Azteca offers delicious Mexican food at an affordable price. While they've always served small-but-good maragaritas, the restaurant has expanded to include a 1000-square-foot bar (with a beautiful stained-glass mural behind it) and a party room. I love the burrito vegetariano, served with red or green sauce, rice, and beans, and other favorites include the variety of chimichangas and the steak carne asada. While it seems so simple, the dessert sopapillas are divine - strips of flat fried dough powdered with cinnamon sugar and served with vanilla ice cream - and sometimes they're the only reason I eat there!

UPDATE: Sadly, my second-favorite Mexican restaurant in the area has closed. Where will I get sopapillas now??!? A new Mexican eatery claims to be opening at the location soon. I'll keep you posted. (2006/10/26)

Price range: $8.00-$17.00 per person


1771 S Congress Ave
West Palm Beach FL

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