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Old Fort Park

In Fort Pierce, at the original site of the city's namesake, sits Old Fort Park. The fort, built in 1838 and abandoned four short years later, was designed to keep the Seminole Indians out, and for expeditions during the Second Seminole War. The fort itself is long gone, having burned down in 1843.

A main draw of the park is the long-standing Ais Indian burial mound, created before the fort and lasting much longer. The site is quite beautiful, really, with lots of big old trees and a series of concrete steps leading up the mound. However, there's not really a whole lot to see other than the passing Indian River, and maybe the railroad track; there aren't even any picnic tables or anything. A sort of odd thing is that there are rows and rows of palm trees, almost as if this site had been a tree nursery at some point, but it wasn't.

Just a side note here: you'd be well advised to NOT make a stop here on the way to a local boat ramp - navigating back out of the parking lot with a trailered boat involved a 47-point turn!


975 S Indian River Dr
Fort Pierce FL 34950

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