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Picower Super Park

Welcome to Picower Super Park featuring Quantum Kids Zone Boundless Playground! This great park is located in Lake Worth. The main draw of this park is the Boundless Playground, a play area designed to let disabled children up to 12 years old play side by side with their non-disabled counterparts. Almost all of the playground equipment is wheelchair-accessible, and there's so much of it! Most impressive are the slides - The top op each sits raised off of the main platform, so kids can wheel up the ramps to the tops, transfer to the "bench" area, and then slide down all on their own! Anyone who's even piggy-backed a 12-yr-old up a set of stairs knows what a treat this is. The only thing I don't get about the slides is that the bottoms are not a wheelchair level, so the child still needs help returning to his or her wheelchair - seems like a strange oversight for a playground specifically designed for the disabled.

There are several picnic tables, but avoid picnicking during hours with bright sunlight as there are no trees or shelters. Restroom are available a short distance from the playground. The playground sits right on Lake Osborne in John Prince Park, so you can often catch a view of boaters, fishermen, and water skiers. Open dawn to dusk.


2700 6th Ave S
Lake Worth FL 33461
4 acres

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