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Pyrogrill 2011 Update:
The Lake Worth Pyrogrill closed shortly after opening, and - much to my dismay - the Wellington location shut down on January 1st of this year. I'm so sad. :(

Original Article:
Okay, so Pyrogrill is another chain, but this one I absolutely love! Pyrogrill sprang up around here a little less than a year ago, and while I was intrigued by the menu, it took me this long to actually drag my butt in there.

The premise is simple: pick a wrap or bowl, pick a protein, pick your toppings. I chose the brown rice bowl with vegetarian protein (black beans with guacamole) and just the basics: lettuce, cheese, and salsa.

Delicious. Let me say it again: delicious. The brown rice is a perfect bed with plenty of flavor. Everything else was fairly standard, but the combination with the brown rice had a really unique flavor that I'd never had at any of the white rice places, like Pollo Tropical. When I standard, I don't mean bad - the beans were nicely seasoned and the lettuce fresh and crisp.

I'll be honest, I was turned off at first by the price. But I found myself craving my rice bowl again and again. I just leave the drink off now and it's fine, and I'll gladly spend the dollar more rather than go to Chipotle Grill (where everything was mushy and flavorless). Great for us vegetarians, too, as the brown rice is veggie, not cooked in broth. They do have a tendency to forget the guacamole, so I make sure to check for it before I leave.

Pyrogrill is located by the Wellington Mall in the same plaza as Starbucks.

Price range: $6.00-$15.00 per person


10590 Forest Hill Blvd
Wellington FL 33414

Web site:

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