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Respectable Street Cafe

2011 Update:
RSC is still going strong. The line-up has changed a bit, DJs have been rotated, but it's still a great hangout on a Saturday night.

Wednesday: Proper Dosage - Ladies Drink For $1 Till Midnight! $3 Magic Hats, $2 SoCo Lime Shots for Everyone All Night, Dubstep and Reggae

Thurday: Flaunt - $2 PBR Tall Boys, $3 Flaunt Shots, Indie * Electro * Dance, JJ + Marvelous Kendall + Guests

Friday: Transmission - old-school Goth night, $3 Beer Of The Month
$1.50 House Drinks till 12, Respectable Street Classics from the 80's, 90's, 00's and beyond!

Saturday: To Hell With Poverty - $2 Jager and Goldschlager, $2 Tecates
Ultra Vivid Unscene+ Rydon+JJ Contramus

Original Article:
The oldest alternative night club in Florida opened in 1987. Today, Respectable Street Cafe still thrives. Its earliest incarnations did indeed include an eatery, as the name suggests, but that has since been phased out, the only remnants a kitchen and booths. Respectables opened on Clematis Street in West Palm Beach before the street was hot again in the early 2000's, and is still going strong even after CityPlace stole some of the street's thunder. The owner, Rodney Mayo, opened the club as a sort of display place for local and unsigned talent. Bands playing at Respectable Street before they were famous include the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Boca Raton's own Dashboard Confessional. The club went through a long Goth phase, but has since emerged even stronger, with a crowd as varied as it originally was, preppy to punk and everything in between. Open Wednesday - Saturday, you'll hear a wide variety of music, the genre depending on the night. Occasionally bands are scheduled on nights the club is normally closed. The nights are (as of 1/24/2007) as follows:

Wednesday: Kollectiv with DJ Klov and Guests, Contemporary Industrial and Rhythmic Power Noise.
Thursday: Flaunt with DJs JohnnyLove, Charles Parker, and guests; Indie, Hip Hop, and New Wave.
Friday: PsychoCandy with DJs Sputnik and Jacobi; Classic Alternative, Eighties, Nineties (and some 2000's thrown in).
Saturday: SubPop with DJs Eli Lilly, Spacerwoman, and Ultra Vivid Unscene; Modern Sounds from Yesterday and Beyond (mostly beyond)

No matter the night, you're not going to hear much mainstream radio music, and that's what makes it great!

There are drink specials every night, and even if you're not getting one of the specials, the prices are reasonable (around $6.50 per drink), and the drinks are always good. The bartenders are super-friendly, as are the door guys and bouncers, as long as you're not causing trouble! Open 10PM-3AM Wednesday and Thursday, 10PM-4AM Friday and Saturday. Usually no cover. 21 and over only, please, as per crappy city law.


518 Clematis St
West Palm Beach FL

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