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Royal Palm Beach Pines Natural Area

I've read good reviews of this park in Royal Palm Beach, citing wetlands and prairies, a variety of fauna, and an abundance of wildlife. When I visited a few years back, I found the area to be bland, barren, boring, and just plain hot. Nearly five miles of walking paths loops through this park, but just s few feet is enough to see all you're going to see. A bunch of pine trees? Check. More pine trees? Check. Animals? Birds? Maybe, but none of particular note. Maybe you need to be more of an avid naturalist to enjoy this park. I found Royal Palm Beach Pines to be a waste for the casual hiker. Sure, preserve the natural landscape - that's fine - but I don't want to walk through it.

I had a miserable time mapping this spot - the entrance is actually at the end of the street just north of the mapped one. Should you actually decide to visit this park, you'll need to go the the end of Nature's Way. There are signs to direct you.


Saratoga Blvd W and Habitat Ct
Royal Palm Beach FL 33411

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