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Sanibel & Captiva Multi-Use Trails

Sanibel & Captiva Multi-Use Trails Sanibel Island is a little piece of Paradise sitting west of Fort Myers. We've been here before, but our visit over the 4th of July weekend was specifically to explore on some of Sanibel & Captiva's 22 miles of multi-use trails.

We parked at the Welcome Center just past the bridge onto Sanibel Island, where there are designated spots for those parking longer than a few minutes. We unloaded our bicycles and started out across the street and down the trail. We rode through some residential areas, some commercials areas, and eventually through more isolated terrains, including an alligator sanctuary! Even along the roads, I found portions of the path to be just...intensely peaceful, with a silence and stillness you don't find near most populated areas. There were a few runners and some other cyclists, but the path was not even remotely crowded. It was hot, and rain threatened, so we only biked about 12 miles of the paths - we didn't even make it to Captiva, but it was totally worth the drive from southeast Florida to do it. We will absolutely be back during the winter to ride the rest of the trails!


1159 Causeway Rd
Sanibel FL
25 miles

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