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2009 UPDATE: Scorekeepers in Greenacres is no more; it has been replaced by El Bronco Sports Bar. Hopefully they did some renovations...

Scorekeepers is a sports bar and restaurant located at the end of a strip mall in Greenacres. The restaurant was taken over by new management in September 2007, and I've never seen the place more crowded. Events include Bike Night and Karaoke Night. There are TVs throughout the restaurant tuned to sports games, and a big screen in the corner of the dining area. There's a game room with pool tables and video games, most popular with the kids.

The food offered covers the standard bar fare, with pizza, pasta, fried appetizers, and chicken wings. Beer and wine are available, as are frozen margaritas. Most often we simply get wings to go, and they are pretty good. I've had the cheese quesadilla, and it's...okay. When Tomatoes didn't answer the phone tonight, we decided to give the pizza a try. Mistake. The pizza was burned beyond belief. This isn't some kind of prissy food critic thing, I mean this pizza should have never left the kitchen. A six inch spot in the center was completely charred black. Instead of throwing it away and making another one, the asswad "cook" apparently sprinkled cheese over the burnt area (AFTER the pizza was already done) and melted it, leaving a big pale yellow spot in the middle of the pizza. UNBELIEVABLE! In spite of being burned to a crisp, the crust was soggy and limp, and couldn't even support the meager topping without drooping completely downward. In addition to having the "covered" burn spot and "soft" crust, the pizza was the second worst pizza I have ever tasted (the worst came off of an ice cream truck in South Dade). We choked down one slice each before tossing the rest and making spaghetti instead.

Honestly, the whole place has a very old, run-down appearance. Worst is the ladies restroom. I seriously could not believe how nasty it was. Not dirty, really, but again, run down, with a missing wall covered by a propped up board, missing tiles...badly in need of renovation.

The kitchen, surprisingly, doesn't look too bad, but I don't think I'd be inspecting the corners - I might be scared.

All in all, we'll probably order wings again, but I won't be dining in any time soon, and forget about the "pizza" (aka cheesed cardboard).

Price range: $6.00-$18.00 per person


4992 10th Ave N
Greenacres FL 33463
92 person capacity

Web site:

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