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Stub Canal Park

This park (more like "parking lot") has been here for a gazillion years and seems to have a dozen different name. Oglethorpe Park, Stub Canal Park, Tuxedo Park - the nom du jour seems to change every few years.

This is the ramp to tiny Lake Pine (a body of water that, like the park, seems to change names every few years), which is located on the east side of Palm Beach International Airport. There are roughly a dozen parking spaces and two ramps with finger piers and no courtesy dock (and no courtesy either, the fishermen coming out of here like to sit on the ramp for 20 minutes while they unload their jon boats). It is open from sunrise to sunset.

Some unknown entity maintains a slalom ski course here. We have also seen boats fishing at this location. Some internet resources indicate that this lake eventually leads to Lake Okeechobee via the Palm Beach Canal (C-51). This is no longer true for two reasons. First, for some time it has not been possible for boats to traverse east or west of the 20 mile bend pump station. Second, it is now no longer possible to travel east or west of SR-441, as a water control structure is now there.

This ramp has been here since the dawn of time, back when waterskiing was popular it was not uncommon to put in here and ski to Lake Osbourne, perhaps using the ski ramp there. This era is long over and the E-4 Canal is not a place one would expect to see waterskiing.

Fishing is fairly good in the Palm Beach Canal (C-51) and the E-4 canal (also called the Lake Ida/Osbourne Chain of Lakes). Here is a map of the northern section of E4 See our John Prince Park article for more information.


2140 Oglethorpe Rd
West Palm Beach FL 33406
1 acres

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