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Sweetwater Hammock Preserve

We *tried* to visit Sweetwater Hammock Preserve in early November of 2011, but after recent rains, we literally got stuck at the entrance. Or in the entrance. We drive a Jeep for these excursion, and immediately upon entering the area, we drove into a pit of mud, then spun our tires for a good five minutes trying to move. We eventually managed, after a 476-point turn, to get turned back around and exit the same way we came - trying to continue through the drive would have certainly resulted in a costly tow.

Sweetwater Hammock Preserve is located in St. Lucie County directly across from the new Fort Pierce Central High School. It's probably navigable during the dry season, and would certainly benefit from the laying of some gravel for more wet times.


4100 S 25th St
Fort Pierce FL
7 acres

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