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Tequila Cancun

2009 Update:
We've been back to Tequila Cancun in Greenacres several times since out first trip (more if you include carry-out), and really, it seems to be doing the opposite of most restaurants - it's getting better! While I was always happy with my fare, my companion was not until recently, and he proclaimed this weekend's chicken chimichanga possibly the best he's ever had! Plus, my fajitas were EXTRA sizzling. The neat red salt has been replaced by pastel multicolor, but the margaritas were good and strong - a plus in our book, especially after trying a few other places in town that try to pass off fruit juice as a margarita.

The decor is the same, but given the quality of the food and drinks, I can totally deal with it!

Original Article:
Since I love Mexican food, I'd been wanting to try this little community place in Greenacres for a while, and I finally did. The food is good and reasonably priced, with a wide variety of (pseudo) vegetarian offerings. Parking is ample, and the restaurant seats a lot more people than I expected. They have a nice little "cantina" in the back, a dimly-lit and atmospheric full bar. All of the good tequilas are offered in their unique-tasting margarita - sweeter than most, and very good, served with festive red salt on the rim. The staff is friendly and prompt. The food is okay, but not excellent. I had the vegetable fajitas, and my companion had the shredded beef chimichanga. Each was served with rice, refried beans, and a salad. I did have to pay extra for my cheese, which seemed a bit odd. The restaurant displays proof of the strip mall restaurant stereotype - drop ceilings, walls that don't go all the way to the roof, and "art" by amateurs. All in all, the dining experience was fine, but I've had better.

Price range: $6.00-$18.00 per person


2202 Jog Rd
Greenacres City FL 33415

Web site:

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