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Tomatoes Pizzeria

Ever since our favorite pizza place went downhill, and eventually sold, we've been searching for pizza that doesn't suck. We've done all the regulars: Domino's Pizza, Pizza Hut, Papa John's Pizza, Hungry Howie's Pizza, etc...and none of them has satisfied our pizza palate. Ever. But I guess you always fall back to the old available regulars.

Having grown tired again of the standards, we browsed the Yellow Pages for an acceptable option, and came across Tomatoes Pizzeria. It was close, so what the heck.

The overall experience for carry-out was pleasant. Easy ordering, easy pick-up. The only drawback was it's all cash-only. Luckily, I had intended to pay with cash!

The restaurant is small, with a single row of tables lining one side, crowded mostly with elderly folks. It appeared to be fairly clean, and the ambiance was not bad for a small pizza place. The staff was friendly and accommodating, and the prices seemed reasonable.

Aside from pizza, Tomatoes Pizzeria offers a variety of Italian specialties, including salads and calzones, pastas and subs. There are also minimal wine and beer selections for dining in.

As for the pizza itself....well, it was better than most, but still not perfect. While my companion found it to be a suitable replacement for our favorite, I'm still not completely convinced. The sauce was oregano-heavy, but, in my opinion, still somewhat bland. The crust was fine - thin and having some flavor, but still not up to my expectations for a good New York style pizza. On the other hand, it was not DRIPPING with grease like most pizza is, so maybe that is just the trade-off I'll have to make. I think though, I simply prefer a more tangy, salty sauce.

Overall, I would still recommend Tomatoes Pizzeria. Nice atmosphere, friendly staff, and decent food. I'm looking forward to trying some of the non-pizza dishes.

The restaurant is open Monday - Thursday, 11AM to 10PM; Friday and Saturday 11AM to 11PM; and closed Sundays. Cash only, no checks or credit cards.

Price range: $7.50-$18.00 per person


5815 Lake Worth Rd
Greenacres City FL 33461
49 person capacity

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