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Twenty Mile Bend Recreation Area

Twenty Mile Bend Recreation Area This small area gives boaters entrance to the L-7 and L-40 canals along the edge of the Arthur R. Marshall Loxahatchee National Wildlife Preserve. There is a nice two-lane boat ramp with new, floating docks. Fishing is the main draw here, but we went just for the sights and a relaxing day. The wildlife along the canals is fabulous - we saw hundreds of alligators and tons of varied birds, including a strange orange-footed brown duck. We turned off the boat motor for a while and just listened to the sounds - the croaking of the 'gators mingled with all manner of bird calls, along with wind and jumping fish, a beautiful natural symphony. Be sure to bring plenty of water, and a good map or GPS so you don't risk getting lost! Parking is $5 per vehicle; annual permits are available.

Technically, the L-7, L-40, and L-15 (Hillsboro Canal) form the perimeter of the South Florida Water Management District's Water Consevation Area 1 (WCA1). We are not sure yet how much of the 57 mile loop is navigable, I suspect there might be a water control structure on L-15 around the Lox Road recreation area. That area only has a ramp to WCA2 and that area is airboat-only.

WCA1's perimeter canals are accessible via either the Twenty Mile Bend park or the main park entrance on Lee Road (just south of Boyton Beach Boulevard). The area between the two is navigable. There are also a couple of ramps off of US-27, we are not yet sure what waterways those access (it's probably the Hillsboro Canal).

Oh, and if you are looking for South Florida Bass Fishing, this area is PACKED.

Approximate price: $5.00 per person


Twenty Mile Bend Boat Ramp Road
Belle Glade FL 33430

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