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Wetlands Park

Wetlands Park 2016 Update

The park is open! This park, formerly known as "Wetland Trail", was closed for a least a couple of years, with a big dumpster in the parking lot and "caution" tape strung along the boardwalk entrance. I haven't been back to check it out yet - just noticed when driving by that it was open - but I will soon!

Original Article

This small area dubbed simply "Wetlands Trail" in Royal Palm Beach isn't really my thing. See, I'm a born-and-raised city girl, but I love nature, and when I'm in the nature, I want to be completely immersed in it; I want no hint that civilization exists. Wetlands Trail did not provide this.

Situated on 8 acres off of Crestwood Blvd., this little park gives no illusion of being removed from the bustle of the town. The trail starts on a boardwalk, right off of the parking lot, which runs through an area of trees, then a concrete path runs along a canal or lake (I couldn't tell which) that is lined with houses on the other side. Near the end of the concrete path (right near the parking lot) sits the sole picnic pavilion, directly adjacent to a church with ongoing construction. There's not a single spot in this park from which a house was not visible, and the only water was in the "lake"; there were plenty of cypress trees, always nice, but no water to be found in this "wetland", leaving visible a floor of stumps and debris. Never did I truly feel I was surrounded by nature.

Granted, the area is rather new, established sometime around June of 2008, and we're in the midst of a pretty serious drought. Still, I think this park is the kind of thing you wouldn't mind having in your backyard, but it's not a destination.

Wetlands Trail is located just north of Our Lady Queen of the Apostles Church on Crestwood Blvd. in Royal Palm Beach.


100 Crestwood Blvd S
Royal Palm Beach FL 33411
98 acres

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